Sunday, March 4, 2007

Life sometimes feels the same as driving down the freeway. Often we feel as though we are hurtling down the road at great speeds and the only option we have is to hold on for the ride. The vision we are required to have while driving is a vision that I believe we need to learn to develop in our lives. The next time you are driving think about this. There is a unique perspective we must take while on the freeway. We cannot look too far ahead or else the immediate needs are overlooked. If we keep our eyes one or two miles down the road, we will miss the pothole 10 feet ahead, or the fact that we are drifting outside the lines altogether. But if we focus in on the immediate road, although we are able to dodge the potholes and stay within the lines, we cannot plan for what’s ahead. We will come upon a car too suddenly and will not be able to adjust, or we will constantly swerve due to the curves that are coming at us. There is a crucial vision, a vision of balance and perspective, that must be had to affectively navigate life. We must look ahead and plan for the long haul, but we must also keep the immediate in mind, dodging the unpredictable potholes when they come. This vision is found in the middle, not focused on any one part, navigating both the far and the near as perfectly as possible.

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Luke said...

I was reminded as I read of the element and importance of trust in driving and in life.