Thursday, June 7, 2007

I enjoy life. Life has been good. As hectic as it has been with studying, classes, work, hot dogs, weddings, and birthdays, it still has been good.

Today I appreciated that goodness a lot. I had a great lunchtime with staff from work. I enjoyed discussing the importance of book titles and the different reactions people have to how words sound. I enjoyed selling hot dogs and talking with friends who happen to be relatives who happen to be employers. I even enjoyed getting made fun of about my choice in cheesy clip-art for the bible study material I edit. I mean seriously... is this not a cistern. Ok, you're probably right.

I enjoyed it all. Even if there was a hint of mundane in my day I still enjoyed it. Soon enough I will not have the chance to enjoy life as I have known it. Soon enough my routine will be entirely different and I won't run into good friends at coffee shops or get made fun of about my choice in clip-art. I'm even learning to appreciate my drives home down 1-5 with my relatively little traffic and often pretty sunsets.

Life is soon going to take a dramatic turn and life will be different. I'm excited about where God is leading me. But life will be different.

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