Monday, June 4, 2007

So I finally made it out of JFK if you all were wondering. Apparently I was there for a month.... sitting in those uncomfortable black connected chairs that every airport seems to have. Is there no room for unique furniture in the American airport system?

I digress...

Since Melissa and I got back from our trip to Philadelphia I have been up to quite a bit. Here's a recap of the many posts I should have written this past month.

Our trip to Philadelphia was a significant experience for me to listen to God's calling on my life and have some confirmation as to where Melissa and I are heading next. That weekend--although it was quick--really solidified the fact that I'm supposed to be at Eastern University. Not many times in life have I felt so clear about where God is directing me. The feel of the program, the excitement of living in Philadelphia, the opportunity to study abroad, the influence of people like Tony Campolo, Ron Sider, David Bronkema, all are reasons why I felt that is where we should head. So the moment we got back I began to get everything in order for me to enroll this fall.

The major component I was lacking before I could be accepted was taking the GMAT (the MBA entrance exam). So the majority of my time has been spent studying for the test. I take the test tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous because of how important the test is, but I feel pretty confident after having taken two practice tests and getting passing scores both times. After I finish the test I have just a few more pieces of my application to get in order before they can accept me.

May also marked the first month of my employment at Ankeny Brothers Concessions, Luke and Heidi Ankeny's hot dog stand at a local Home Depot. It has been a great month of selling hot dogs and making coffee. The stand is meant to act as a missional connecting point between Luke and Heidi and the local Sherwood/Newberg community. Luke and I have been discussing life, church, faith, and hot dogs a lot while working. We have realized over those past month that the phase we are in is the "learning to talk to people" phase. It has been a great experience of getting out of the walls of "the church" and intersecting with the daily lives of regular people...even if we are just selling hot dogs. I have benefited from the daily interaction with customers, the deeper relationships with Home Depot workers, and the conversations with co-workers.

The other major happenings this month have been my brother's wedding, and my birthday. Nick's wedding was great to be a part of. The whole experience was fun, from the bachelor party the weekend before, to the rehearsal, the ceremony and the reception. They're a great couple and I'm really excited for them. It will be fun to see where God leads them and the ways that our lives will intersect. If you're reading this, I love you guys.

My birthday happened a week after Nick's wedding and the main gift I got was Guitar Hero II. It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Anyone that has come over and played gets addicted to it. Pretty soon I'm going to be as good as this kid, or as sweet as this guy. It was also my golden birthday (I turned 24 and my birthday is on the 24th), so everything Melissa got me was in 24's. 24 bags of Mike and Ike's, Season 1 of the tv show "24". It was creative. Thanks Melissa.

That has been my month at-a-glance.

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