Saturday, June 9, 2007

This weekend we've come out to spend some time with the folks at the camp that they work at. My brother and Lindsay came with us and it's been great to be together. The idea that we won't have much time left to spend together like this is looming. Even my sister (who lives in Colorado) told me she's sad we're moving...then we laughed because we realized it doesn't matter to her where we live, she sees us only a couple times a year anyway.

Being at the camp where I have sort of grown up and where Melissa spent her summers in college is always such a blessing. It is such a great place and it is so fun to see the people that work here when we come out. We really love this place and are going to miss being able to just jump in the car on a Friday afternoon and make the beautiful drive through the Coastal mountains.

I think we will always be accepted like family around here, and that is comforting to know. And it's great that now I can keep up on what's going on through the camp's new blog (written by the executive director Ken, who I worked under as an intern at the camp).

Thus ends my unintended ode to Twin Rocks...we really are going to miss it...

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