Thursday, July 5, 2007

It was a long day spent fixing my car, spending time with the family-in-law, floating down a river, and....oh did I mention, fixing my car. I'm tired, I have homework, and I'm about to go and direct a camp at the beach where there will be 200+ junior high youth. I'm tired's only just begun.

Happy 4th

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dikih and his missional tattoo...

I met Dikih at a party the other night. At first I couldn't quite get a read on him. He showed up and was kind of quiet, told me his name was Andrew but people call him "Dikih"(pronounced Dickey). We made small talk while we devoured a bowl of Swedish fish. The conversation changed tones drastically when the topic changed to his newly acquired tattoo. When he lifted his arm I could see what he was referring to.

The tattoo was a square with a cracked egg inside and arrows around it to make it appear as though the egg was rotating. I asked what it meant and this is the explanation I received.

"About a month ago my sister was baking a cake and she had one egg left in the fridge. She pulled the egg out and cracked it. The yoke was shriveled up inside and the egg white was nowhere to be found. She realized the egg was about 9 months old.

As I thought about that egg I had a vision that it represented the church. And that if the church remains within its walls, within its shell, it will shrivel up and die. Through this egg God was showing me that the church must get out of itself or else it won't serve its purpose any longer, it won't be able to be a part of the cake."

I stood there listening, with my mouth wide open and my mind racing. This was the most profound thing I had heard for some time. It wasn't necessarily the deepest metaphor or the most developed theological construct, but it was powerful, it was real, it was true and it was this guy's experience; and there was hope in that moment. This guy had recently graduated high school. There was hope that God is moving in a generation of Christ followers. There was hope because Dikih is part of a church community and is actively involved in that community. He seemed to be a person who will influence and not allow norms and dead tradition to go unchecked.

He said he doesn't like telling people the full story behind the tattoo, that he never knows how people will react or what they will think. I told him he has to tell everyone he sees what that tattoo stands for.