Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day one... done!

A lot happened today... It was a long but good day. I'm excited but tired and I have another full day of orientation tomorrow.

We did very typical community building and Q&A stuff today, so I'll spare the details and give you all my top three highlights.

1. Lunch break: new friend Karri calls hubbie, hubbie informs new friend Karri that Al Gonzalez resigned. New friend Karri gets off her mobile device, informs me, and my response before I react (aka jump for joy) is,"Is that a good thing or a bad thing for you?"

New friend Karri: "A good thing, and you."

Me: "A very good thing."

2. Post-lunch group discussion: While discussing our church backgrounds I had to discuss--at length--my being a Quaker...and a Christian. Out of that conversation came the quote of the day.

Quote of the day: "I wanted to become a Quaker when we went to war with Iraq."

(side note: Quote of the Day is funnier had you met quote of the day-giver.)

3.Break conversation:

"Hey Michael I read your bio and saw that you are an evangelical Quaker. That's very cool. The only other evangelical Quakers I've met were in Morocco."

"Did their last name happen to be Kelly?"


"No way..."

On a serious note, I'm very excited about the direction of the program, the ethos, sense of community and openness of the staff. I'm excited to make new friends and connect with other young marrieds (as there are many). I am excited about the hard work that is ahead and the things which God will do this next year and beyond. I'll share more about a specific experience I had today that was impacting. Good night.


Luke said...

Have fun Michael!

alex said...

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gloria said...

haha I found your "Quaker blog!" It's sad that we (MA students) don't get to see the MBA students really much. Good luck with your new-home search too, I'm praying for you.