Sunday, September 2, 2007

Class has been such a great experience so far. The program is designed around a cohort model. There are 10 people in the MBA cohort and we have all of our classes together. It has been great getting to know each of those people.

Mohamed is from Sierra Leone. He has some amazing stories of life in one of the most poor and corrupt countries on the planet.

Jason is the other international student and is from Jamaica. His desire to go back and change Jamaica is so great to watch.

Chris is a long-term missionary to Azerbaijan who wants this degree in order to help Azerians start and maintain small businesses.

Ross has been living and teaching in Asia for the past few years. He wants to get back and live there long-term to help translate Scripture and this is one way he can do that.

I have become good friends with a guy named Andy. He is from upstate New York but has been living in various parts of the east coast playing on different semi-pro soccer teams. The funny thing is his brother actually works in my old hometown of Newberg at C.S. Lewis, a local private school. What a small world. He and his wife have been great for Melissa and I to connect with.

Tom is a fellow MK and his parents currently serve in Southeast Asia. He is a great guy and one I'll love to get to know better.

On to the girls in the cohort:

Mari has some past experience in non-profit and economic development work. She adds some great insight into the discussions.

Mikhal is from Iowa and seems to bring authenticity and a depth of character to group.

Ruth has an obvious passion for helping solve the problem of poverty. She actually runs her own non-profit and she's my age!

Karri is the only married girl in our class. She and her husband moved from Indiana. She has been working for an organization trying to educate people about the crisis in Darfur. She brings a lot to the program and has an almost visible passion for helping the poor.

I didn't mean to go into detail about each person in my cohort, but I'm realizing how much I already value these people, and how close we will actually grow this year.

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Ken Beebe said...

Wow. That sounds like an amazing group of people! It sounds like you'll be blessed by your interaction with them. And they will certainly enjoy their time with you. You are an impressive person.

And what a terrific program! Somehow it gives me a renewed feeling of hope for the Christian church. Thanks!