Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 19, 2007

We did a self-assessment today in one of our classes. We were given six different categories to choose from to describe our personalities. There were categories which stressed working with your hands, being goal oriented, being organized, being analytical, being creative, and being social. I have done activities like these before and I struggle every time. Today was no exception.

I constantly have a hard time defining one area in which I find myself fitting best. I enjoy creating things, leading, being organized, being social, and analyzing issues. And I enjoy almost all of them equally. At one point when we were to move around the room in order to separate ourselves by our top choices I just stayed in my chair. Finally I stood in the “social” group. I have been realizing more and more how much of a social person I am. Even though, as an introvert, I need to reenergize individually, I constantly enjoy being with people I know and I enjoy face-to-face interaction. The second group I put myself in was the investigative, analytical group. I highly value and enjoy learning, analyzing, and investigating issues.

After we finished with that exercise we moved on to answering some questions on our own. The professor instructed us to finish the following sentence as best we could: "I am most happy when __________." Again. . . I just sat there. Nothing was coming to me. “I am most happy when I am eating.” No. “I am most happy when I am being social.” No. “I am most happy when I have money.” No. finally it came to me. I had two separate ideas in mind of times I think I am most happy.

I am most happy when I am serving people.
I am most happy when I am in community.

It was not until I was forced to go through the motions of exercises like these that I realized just how valuable people are to me. Tonight was a great picture of what that looks like. My classmates all went to one person’s house; we cooked dinner together, talked, listened to music, did homework, and laughed a lot. That is one time when I am most happy, when I am enjoying the group of people that I am with, when I am getting to know these people on a deep and vulnerable level. To me, that is community.

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