Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 24, 2007

It’s interesting how things interrupt life, how life interrupts life. Things are rolling in one direction and suddenly it feels like it all takes a u-turn. I’ve just taken a u-turn.

Recently things changed in my life, expectations changed. But the unchanging component has been God. Through this change in plans I have realized what it feels like to cling to my faith. I have sensed God challenging me to take this change and allow it to teach me about the other interruptions that are inevitable in my life and the life of those I will touch in the future. God has challenged me to not allow this u-turn to direct my path, but rather for me to turn back around and face life head-on, while not forgetting the experiences of the past.

God, may you continue to guide and direct, love and comfort. May your hand be evident as we turn back around and face the life that we know has been set out before us. Thank you for friends and family, for their love, support, and listening ears. And God, thank you for challenging me to cling to you, to cling to the promises and love that you have given me. I pray for anyone else experiencing a u-turn right now. May you be with them just as you have been with us.

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