Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 26, 2007

Our professor of economics opened class today by sharing an interesting metaphor. He was quoting someone else when he said (and I’ll paraphrase):

The Christian Life is like a journey down a road in a city, with high buildings all around. In front of you are the gates to heaven; the kingdom of God is near. And as you are walking down that road you notice large windows in the buildings around you and you see the devil’s minions with their faces plastered against the windows, yelling, taunting, discouraging you. The reality is that the work of Satan cannot actually forcefully stop you, but it can discourage you enough until you sit down in the middle of the road, in the middle of your journey, and give up.

I liked this visual on how it feels to follow Christ in this broken world. I have definitely felt discouraged at times, and none more discouraging than the present, but through it all I have continued to hold onto the fact that no matter what … Christ prevails. When it comes down to it Christ already won. It’s over. And the discouragement Melissa and I have felt this past week has only been from some “minions” high up with their face against window panes, yelling at us and wanting nothing more for than for us to stop, become complacent, and give up. But we will persevere.

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