Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 28, 2007


This sure has been a long week. It is so interesting how these past two weeks have been so distinctly different. I began last week reflecting on things like poverty, exclusion, or my personality, and now I find myself pondering and constantly praying about grief, loss, and pain. You have given, and you have taken away. But somehow there is hope and grace and love in that. God, Melissa and I continue to grieve and I’m not sure if that pain will ever exactly go away, I just know that we will be comforted. Time will take the edge off but this loss will always be in our memories.

Thank you for being here, for sending love through others and for just sitting with us, crying with us, and laughing with us through this whole process. You’ve shown yourself in the way that things have been orchestrated, the fact that this miscarriage occurred this past weekend, and not on the weekend before where I was 2500 miles away from Melissa attending a wedding. Or the fact that our health insurance was activated literally hours before had to go to the ER. Three months waiting for insurance coverage and HOURS before we need it you provide. I often doubt your immediate control on things in this life Lord but how can I doubt the fact that even through this time of confusion and pain you have shown grace, control, power, and mercy?

We love you Lord and thank you for the lessons learned, for the growth that we have gone through and for thankfulness we can have even though it hasn’t even been a week. You are truly a God of love and we thank you.


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