Sunday, September 2, 2007

There is so much I wish to write about. Most of the time I have so much to say that I end up saying nothing. I even had a whole post written out just now but deleted it. I am amazed by God’s direction and the grace and mercy that God shows. This program is where I am to be and I could tell from the first moment I walked in the doors. Mel and I have met some great people, the types who will undoubtedly be life-long friends. We have a common burden for the broken people and places of the world and we are all so ready to learn.

What I was writing my now-deleted post about was the Lectio Divina we did during orientation. Below is the picture that came out of my time meditating on 2 Corinthians. This journey that Melissa and I are on is a profound shift in the way we have lived life for sometime now. On Monday I was able to sense the gravity of who it is Christ is truly calling me to be. This program, this faith, this journey we all have with Christ is truly about not living for ourselves. As I meditated on that I saw before me things in life which I must release… the desires, the comforts, the hopes… and I saw that they all must go in order for Christ to work through me in the lives of the poor and oppressed.

Pray for me as I continue to release my expectations to God.

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