Friday, September 21, 2007

"What is this... a school for ants?"

That's how I felt tonight. As you may have heard, we had trouble with moving our box spring in a few weeks ago. The stairway was too tight and only the mattress would fit up the stairs. Well, we went into downtown Philly tonight to pick up a couch and chair off craigslist. We found the place just fine and got the the couches loaded up. Got back to the apartment and the couch wouldn't fit up the stairs. We got it to the top and nothing happened. It wouldn't budge. We tried three or four more times, took the railing off, took the legs of the couch off, everything. It wouldn't budge.

Since we already paid for the couch we figured we might as well put it to use. We knew our friends had an empty office room that needed more seating so we thoguht we might as well put it in there for the year. We got it over there, got it into the hallway, but could not fit it into the room.

Not again!!!

So, we left it in the hallway, ready and waiting for the next craigslist shopper to come and get it and try to fit it up their stairs.

At least we got the overstuffed chair and ottoman in. Now at least we have somewhere to sit other than our dining room table.

What is it with all these small houses and narrow hallways? Did early Philadelphia homebuilders think that furniture would actually fit in the tiny spaces they created?

Unbelievable. . .


gloria said...

hey yeah I know about rowhouses...sorry to hear about your trouble...Maybe IKEA's the way to go? Do you know about FreeCycle too? It's like craigslist but everything is free. You join through yahoo groups.

well good luck

Dynamic Duo said...

yah, we had the same problem...only opposite. The tenant in our apartment before us couldn't move her brand new down couch out of the apartment...well how the heck did it even get in there in the first place?!?! So we inherited it!! And then sold it on craigslist when we moved! ha ha!! ridiculous!
hey have you tried turkeyhill ice cream yet?? its a definite close second to tillamook.
the forbes