Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lightning (and look-a-likes round 2)...

So growing up in Oregon never really caused me to see lightning up close and personal. It wasn't until I worked in the Sierra Nevada mountains before I really experienced a thunderstorm. Well, right now we are IN THE MIDDLE of a crazy thunderstorm. Lightning is landing all around us and the thunder is non-stop. The rain is pouring down.

And through it all my window is open. I am loving it. Part of it (the sound of rain) reminds me of a cold, wet Oregon night. The other part (the thunderstorm part) is just so awesome, so amazing to hear.

Hopefully the power won't go out.

And now onto look-a-likes round 2...

Growing up I had people tell me I look like a celebrity here or there. "Hey, your chin makes you look like Leno," is a line I heard quite often. Before coming here the weirdest one I heard was that I look like Woody Harrelson from Cheers. Woody Harrelson, really?

Well, while we were in the hospital during Melissa's miscarriage I was laying in Melissa's bed while she recovered from surgery. The nurse came in and got visibly nervous, she looked at me and finally said, "You're an athlete aren't you?" I said, "well, I am an athlete but do you mean professionally?" She said, "Yeah, you're a pro football player huh? A quarterback." "Nope", I replied. "You're Brett Favre arent'you?"

Brett Favre? Woody Harrelson? What is wrong with these people? It actually took me a while to convince her that was not Brett Favre.

My friend Tom from school says that I look like Matt Dylan. I don't know if I see it. What do you think?


Bevy said...

Matt Dylan's forehead and eyes; Brett Favre's chin. But, I still love you, Mom

chjensen2 said...

Funny. I often get told I look like Jennifer Aniston...no...not really...not even once...ever. Anyways. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. We've been through that and it's so scarry and sad. Life is precious and amazing and when it's lost it horrible. We are thinking about praying for you both!