Saturday, November 3, 2007

A little slice of the Northwest...

I recently commented on gatheringinlight about what my "perfect day" would be like. You can go read exactly what I said, but most all of the things in my perfect day would happen in Oregon.

One of the things was to be able to spend some time at a used book store. I would choose Powell's, but really any would do.

I've been reading a ton of thick books for school and have been wanting to have some leisure reading (not that I have time). I was thinking about book that I haven't been able to read but would like to and one of my favorite authors came to mind. David James Duncan came to mind. He's a native Oregonian and a great story-teller. Well, recently I was looking for any of his books through the local library system. None were to be found. I was bummed, but not that bummed since I really don't have time to read for pleasure anyway.

Today as I walked to the library to study I noticed that in the basement of the library they are holding a massive book sale. I walked in just to browse. As I went in one of the back rooms, passed the stacks and stacks of romance and mysteries, I saw it...

I may wait until Christmas to break into this book, but I'm excited to have a way to escape to the Northwest, even for a few minutes a day.

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Sherry said...

I loved that book! And his other books too! Incredible writing... you make me want to read it again. Oh look, there it is on my "favorites" shelf!

Saw you mom today. We're out here at TRFC for the church retreat. WYWH.

Michael said...

I loved the Brothers K when I read it and a fried once told me that this one is better. I'll have to see for myself.

Hope you enjoyed the coast.