Thursday, February 21, 2008

Watching the meme go round...

It's been fun in this very stressful week to open my Feed Reader of choice to find a different person attempt the meme that I passed along. For me at least, a meme always seems to not go very far. You see, Wess tagged me last week, and I tagged a few others. From there it spread like wildfire. Yet again, everything in Newberg spreads like wildfire.

Here is my highlight and a few awards from my meme reading this week.

Kathy just tagged Dan (which I wanted to do initially but thought better of since he isn't really "into" that kind of stuff... but HE'S A PUBLISHER FOR GOODNESS SAKE. I know that if you walk into his office right now, you would see a stack of books on his desk, one next to his chair, and one behind his chair. But I digress...)

Book of the Week: This award goes to Mike, hands down... I mean really?...a Chilton's manual...that's when you know you're hardcore.

Quote of the Week: This one goes to Sherry. So good in fact that she got tagged twice. Maybe she'll step up to that challenge and give us a little more dooty.

Title of the Week: This one stays with Wess. What in the world do Puppets and Dwarfs have to do with theology? Or with each other for that matter?

(And I'm still waiting for Jason to follow through on my tag. I don't know him well, I know his wife, but for some reason his is one of those blogs that I go to each day expectantly, but my feed reader lets me down. What blogs do you go to each day expectantly, only to be let down?)


JASon said...

Well, I didn't notice that I had been tagged. Shoot. I could do it on the one book in my bookshelf at work (it mostly holds assorted junk), but I don't feel like putting information on SQL Server out there. Makes me seem more geeky than I really am.

kathy said...

Oops. I didn't know Dan wouldn't want to be tagged. And, you're right, it's good for him for pete sake, he's deep INTO books. I also noticed afterward that Alan had already been tagged so I'm hoping that Michelle will come through. It's fun to see what's on other people's desks.

Luke Ankeny said...


Michael said...


Mike said...

Oooo! Thanks Michael, I just noticed that I got the "Book of the Week" prize!

I'll loan it out if you want... It really is excellent reading! (but I'll prob'ly need it back sometime...)