Saturday, March 29, 2008

Going Green PSA

I wanted to broadcast a Public Service Announcement about going green on this here blog thing.

I recently saw a report that startled me. The report was talking about ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHT BULBS.

While I still highly recommend changing from the traditional bulbs to the twisty halogen ones, there is one thing that I think everyone should know about them.

These bulbs have traces of mercury inside of them. This means two things:

1. If one of these bulbs break, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JUST SWEEP IT UP. When you buy these bulbs check the packaging, they have instructions for cleaning the bulbs up yourself. They give you like a 5-step process, so be prepared. The other option is calling a hazard control company and paying them to do it, but I've heard that can get spendy.

2. When you are done with these bulbs, DO NOT JUST THROW THEM IN THE TRASH. This relates to the first issue, but is more for environmental reasons. Keep these bulbs separate, and take them to your local waste disposal center and they have a special disposal procedure. If these are just thrown away the mercury will leach into the ground soil of the landfill.

While this sounds annoying, I still think that it still better to use these bulbs, both for energy saving, but as well as money saving reasons.

Here is an article that goes into detail...

This has been a service of the ConstantCastro Public Service Announcement System.

Monday, March 17, 2008

10 years...

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the day my grandmother, Maxine Ankeny, passed away. She battled cancer for as long as I can remember, and finally, on Saint Patrick's Day of my Freshman year in high school, she lost that battle.

I never knew my grandpa on that side of the family, so losing my grandma was even more significant, because she had always been so loving to us grandkids. It sometimes felt as though she was making up for the fact that there was only one grandparent to spoil us.

So, to commemorate my grandma's death, and in an attempt to not forget her life, I wanted to list a few things (funny, serious, or otherwise) that I remember about my grandma.

To begin, on a serious note:

- I learned what it means to be a Christian and a Quaker from her.

-She always was a very disciplined and hard worker. She lived on a farm almost all her life and she always tended to the animals and spent time in the fields and garden.

- She taught me the value in humility, and endurance. As I said before, she fought cancer for many years, and in those years she was also fairly well off, but in talking with my grandma you would never know either of those facts. She never let on that she had money, or that she was sick, or that she was tired. She just lived her life, and was obedient to God, both in the good times and the hard times.

-She cared for the well being of her family. She always loved and looked out for us all, and really enjoyed when the HUGE Ankeny family got together. And hearing stories since her death of ways she helped people out, bailed people out, or just lovingly corrected people was a sign of how devoted she was to the protection and well being of everyone.

And now for some fun/random memories:

-I remember sitting in her dining room on the farm, being forced to snap a huge pile of beans before we could go back out and play. This probably doesn't sound significant, but being a kid from the city, I wasn't very good at snapping beans and it took my brother, sister, and I a long time to get it done.

-I also remember the lemon ice tea that we'd drink while snapping beans.

-I remember the fact that we couldn't play games with face cards at grandma's I said, she taught me how to be a good Quaker. Rook anyone?

-I remember the terrible water that came out of grandma's tap.

-I remember plenty of football games on grandma's lawn after Thanksgiving.

-I remember that grandma had honey bees for a while and being deathly afraid that they were going to swarm me.

-I remember the magnetic football game in grandma's attic and the sad day when it finally stopped working.

-I remember when my cousin and my brother shot at me with their bb guns, and my grandma getting mad at them for shattering my uncle's tractor window. It wasn't me, i promise.

There's probably plenty more, like the day I wandered into her bedroom and found out grandma wore a wig, but I'll leave it there for now.

I've got a great family and we wouldn't be who we are today without the influence that grandma had on each of us.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've always wondered two things: do bears ever die while in hibernation? And, why to bloggers feel the impulse to butcher perfectly good words by somehow morphing them with some form of the word blog?

It's been one of those phases where I haven't felt like blogging, I feel like I've been in my own hibernation. Hopefully I haven't died. I know I've never been a reliable, consistent blogger in the past, but this time I not only haven't had the time, but I also haven't had the desire.

I've had many posts rolling around my head, but they never made it to the screen. Life has just been different lately. This semester's courses have been much more demanding, the sense of being away from home has set in more than expected, and suddenly the newness of living near Philadelphia has worn off.

So, here I am just letting everyone know I'm still alive.

We could use prayer as we continue to search for God's guidance with regard to our job placement in the fall. The job search is in full swing and so far it's not looking pretty.