Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've always wondered two things: do bears ever die while in hibernation? And, why to bloggers feel the impulse to butcher perfectly good words by somehow morphing them with some form of the word blog?

It's been one of those phases where I haven't felt like blogging, I feel like I've been in my own hibernation. Hopefully I haven't died. I know I've never been a reliable, consistent blogger in the past, but this time I not only haven't had the time, but I also haven't had the desire.

I've had many posts rolling around my head, but they never made it to the screen. Life has just been different lately. This semester's courses have been much more demanding, the sense of being away from home has set in more than expected, and suddenly the newness of living near Philadelphia has worn off.

So, here I am just letting everyone know I'm still alive.

We could use prayer as we continue to search for God's guidance with regard to our job placement in the fall. The job search is in full swing and so far it's not looking pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael: I'll be praying for you and Melissa--I'm sure God has something great and exciting just waiting in the wings, so don't be discouraged! BTW, let me know if you ever discover if bears really do die in hibernation!!
Kathryn in AZ