Saturday, March 29, 2008

Going Green PSA

I wanted to broadcast a Public Service Announcement about going green on this here blog thing.

I recently saw a report that startled me. The report was talking about ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHT BULBS.

While I still highly recommend changing from the traditional bulbs to the twisty halogen ones, there is one thing that I think everyone should know about them.

These bulbs have traces of mercury inside of them. This means two things:

1. If one of these bulbs break, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JUST SWEEP IT UP. When you buy these bulbs check the packaging, they have instructions for cleaning the bulbs up yourself. They give you like a 5-step process, so be prepared. The other option is calling a hazard control company and paying them to do it, but I've heard that can get spendy.

2. When you are done with these bulbs, DO NOT JUST THROW THEM IN THE TRASH. This relates to the first issue, but is more for environmental reasons. Keep these bulbs separate, and take them to your local waste disposal center and they have a special disposal procedure. If these are just thrown away the mercury will leach into the ground soil of the landfill.

While this sounds annoying, I still think that it still better to use these bulbs, both for energy saving, but as well as money saving reasons.

Here is an article that goes into detail...

This has been a service of the ConstantCastro Public Service Announcement System.

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